_GolfClassic_6x4.25_1   _GolfClassic_6x4.25_2

_Gala Invitation_5x7_FINAL-1   _Gala Invitation_5x7_FINAL-2

_Cancer Survivors 2010_7x5-1   _Cancer Survivors 2010_7x5-2

_Broad St Invite_5x7_FINAL-1   _Broad St Invite_5x7_FINAL-2

_Breast Program Invititation-1   _Breast Program Invititation-2

Super Showdown ticket invite


About Heather Challenger

I am an independent thinker and I thrive on working together with clients to solve marketing, branding and design challenges. I maintain a strong work ethic, high quality standards and project ownership from inception to completion. I bring passion, talent, award-winning design, over 12 years of design experience and lots of personality. And, yes, I CAN make the logo bigger. Tweet

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